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Master Singers Chorale has an open door policy with regard to membership.

Prospective members are invited to attend any rehearsal prior to becoming a member.

During the evening's rehearsal you will meet with the Artistic Director, Staff, and Master Singer Chorale members. You will also be asked to fill out an information form.  Rehearsal music will be  given to you, and you may sit in on, and/or participate in the rehearsal. This gives you a chance to warm up and become familiar with the music we will be preparing. 

NewLife Church of Stow
4415 Darrow Road (RT. 91)  Stow, Ohio 44224
Located between Stow and Hudson on Route 91


S) Summers      +  Charter Member       **  Board Member



(S)Maureen Ashdown
(S)Julie Denker

P. Flip Eavenson

Karen Eckley
Denise Green

(S)Karen Hazlett

**Cheryl M. Hodnichak

+Jill Hornickel
Diana Huff

Pamela Lappin
 Mary Jean Lyon

Pat McDermott
Samantha Mook

Joyce Nave
Nancy Pringle

Mary Robertson

Courtney Sebastian

Machiko Sugiura

Akemi Takasaki

+Nancy Ulrich



**Sandy Barabas

Peggy Bartlett

Leslie Briscoe

+**Kathi Brittain

Janna L. Bruner

** Maryanne Buchanan

Martha Calderwood

Corrine Donley

**Joan Evans

+ **Rosemary Filisky
Kathy Guinn

Rosemary Keskinen

Sandy Laktash

+ Laura Montgomery
+ **Ruthann Peebles

+ Beth Simone

Jean Snyder
Mary Strang



Anthony Bianchi

Tom Burns

Carolyn Conley

Thomas Horsfall

(S)Arnie Hosbach I

Dave Keskinen
Kathy Langer

Steve Lord

William Montgomery

(S) Jeffrey Sonoda

+Ronald S. Ulrich

Bobbi Varble

Mike Varble
Kate Waits


Ziggie Berzinskas
** Bill Black

+(S) John Burkley

Patrick Burridge

+ Steve Chesser

Zenon Fedyniak

Jack Goudie

 Lennie R. Green

Jerry Polizzi

**Jeff Ulrich

Tom Watt

+Robert Williams

+Ken Zach

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(234) 200-6557

PO Box 1404
Stow, OH  44224

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