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Our Philosophy
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Open Door Policy for All Who Want to Sing with Us

"....courtesy, thoughtful respect and common sense...."Audition to "include", not "exclude"....!

The goal set by Dr. Goddard was to attract and assemble a group of  200 to 250 registered members.  From this group of 200-250 registered members,  there would be a minimum of 60 to 100+ actual performing members who could and would  want to sing, and, each in his or her own individual way,  faithfully commit to one, two, or all three of our regularly scheduled season rehearsals & concerts.   (December - April - August). 

The learning of notes, interpretation and style can be achieved very easily through utilizing an effectively prepared rehearsal technique based on constructive musical repetition and thoughtful clarification of all individual vocal lines (as necessary),   Obviously, the responsibility of achieving this goal lies directly with the Director and his or her ability to listen (first), make constructive comments (second), and be able to lead (and follow) while conducting (third). 

Dr. Goddard stated that the responsibility for the above lies with the Director and his/her rehearsal approach and demeanor with regard to each and every individual chorus member as being part of the whole in rehearsal and/or performance.  

The rehearsal  serves to facilitate and achieve the learning of large choral masterworks through immediate attention (starting with the very first rehearsal) to style and interpretation.  The notes and text will follow!   Notes are never as important as interpretation and musicianship.  However, and obviously,  the ultimate goal should be the equality and combining of the two (notes and musicianship/interpretation).  Again, nothing more than "courtesy", "thoughtful respect" and "common sense".

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