MSI Premiere Composer, Goncalo Lourenco....

Lourenço, Gonçalo (b. January 5, 1979, Setúbal). Portuguese composer of mostly chamber, choral and vocal works that have been performed in Europe; he is also active as a conductor.

Mr. Lourenço studied composition with Carlos Vargas and piano with Joaquim Fernandes at the Conservatório de Música de Setúbal from 1994-99. He has studied composition with Sérgio Azevedo and Christopher Bochmann at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa since 2002 and attended workshops with Emmanuel Nunes in Lisbon in 2003-04. He also studied psychology at the Universidad de Lusófona from 1998-2002 and there earned a degree.

He is also active in other positions. As a chorister, he was a baritone with the Coro do Conservatório de Música de Setúbal from 1994-99 and has sung with numerous other choruses in Portugal, including Coro Regina Coeli in Lisbon and Coro Ricercare in Lisbon. He conducted the Coro Dezstaccato in Lisbon in 2003-04 and founded the Coro Odyssea in Lisbon in 2004 and has since served as its artistic director.


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ORCHESTRAL: Tentativas, Op. 20, 2002; Néctar, small orchestra (14 players), Op. 38, 2003; Obra, clarinet orchestra (25 players), Op. 39, 2003; Obtulerunt Domino, guitar orchestra (85 players), Op. 44, 2004

CHAMBER MUSIC: TabernaPortugal 1995, transverse flute, guitar, Op. 2, 1995; Quarteto de cordas, string quartet, Op. 5, 1998; Quatro bichos, transverse flute, Op. 9, 2001; Sonata, clarinet, Op. 11, 2001; Chaoi rex, clarinet, Op. 12, 2001; Clarinetando, 4 clarinets, Op. 14, 2001; Quinteto de madeiras, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, Op. 16, 2001; Zenóbia, clarinet, vibraphone, Op. 21, 2002; Gammus, 4 recorders, Op. 23, 2002; Nauta I, alto saxophone, Op. 30, 2003; Nauta II, bass clarinet, Op. 32, 2003; Oásis, flute, violin, Op. 33, 2003; Madjambenis, 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, Op. 34, 2003; Ebanistas, clarinet, guitar, Op. 37, 2003; Iguaria, 3 guitars, Op. 41, 2003; Sabi, oboe, guitar, Op. 42, 2003; Lucifer's Fall, 4 saxophones, Op. 28, 2004; Oaristo, 4 transverse flutes, Op. 29, 2004; Unbelievably Fuckin' Obvious, 4 guitars, Op. 31, 2004; Obcaecatio: sete pecados mortais, oboe, Op. 35, 2004; Dunego, guitar, string quartet, Op. 45, 2004

CHORAL: Três peças sacras: Ave Maria, Ave Verum Corpus, O Magnum Mysterium, mixed chorus, Op. 6, 1998 (each of its sections may be performed separately); Desabafo (text by Ana Rosa), mixed chorus, 4 guitars, Op. 7, 1999; Requiem, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, mixed chorus, large orchestra, Op. 8, 1999; Missa, mixed chorus, Op. 13, 2001; Silabas de apocalipse (cantata, text by Pedro Jorge), tenor, bass, male speaker, mixed chorus, small orchestra (4 winds, 2 French horns, harp, 3 percussion, strings), Op. 17, 2001; Nigra sum Formosa (text from Latin liturgy), mixed chorus, Op. 25, 2003; Recordare In memoriam Luciano Berio (text from Latin liturgy), 6 sopranos, Op. 36, 2003; Cinco bagos da Romã (text by Pedro Jorge), mixed chorus, organ, Op. 22, 2004

VOCAL: Três canções (text by Luís Vaz de Camões), mezzo-soprano, piano, Op. 3, 1996; Dois poemas para o meu amor (text by Teixeira de Pascoais), soprano, flute, piano, Op. 15, 2001; Princesas (text by Paulo Sargento), tenor, oboe, trumpet, lute, cello, Op. 19, 2002; Sabores do teu Corpo (text by António Chainho), soprano, French horn, Op. 43, 2004

PIANO: Três prelúdios, Op. 1, 1994; Sonata, Op. 4, 1997; Analogias, Op. 27, 2003

ARRANGEMENTS: Nove canções de trabalho (Portuguese folksongs), tenor, 2 clarinets, Op. 10, 2001; O menino do alentejo (Portuguese folksong), mixed chorus, Op. 18, 2002; Ça va?! (4 Icelandic folksongs), orchestra, Op. 26, 2003; Risos (Portuguese folksong), children's chorus, harp, Op. 40, 2003; Os passos da romaria (Portuguese folksong), mixed chorus, Op. 24, 2004